Color Keys

Final Shots

Style guide designed and compiled by myself and  Marko Pavicevic

Flap - Student Thesis Film 2018-2019


In collaboration with Jessica Gallaher, Marko Pavicevic, Lex Hobson , Emily Skopp and Caroline Zanchetta

Roles: Color Stylist, Producer, Inbetweener, Clean-Up Animator, Editor

Watch the Film:

Above: Assisted Jessica Gallaher in creating 2D animated turnarounds of the main characters of out senior film. Did roughs, inbetweening, clean up, and compositing.

Harper -  Designed by Jessica Gallaher

Madhu - Designed by Lex Hobson and Jessica Gallaher

Richard - Designed by Marko Pavicevic and Jessica Gallaher

Final Frame


Flap Shot Design Progression



Color Design