Shannon Parayil


Flap - Student Thesis Film 2018-2019


In collaboration with Jessica Gallaher, Marko Pavicevic, Lex Hobson , Emily Skopp and Caroline Zanchetta

Roles: Color Stylist, Producer, Inbetweener, Clean-Up Animator, Editor

Please reach out to me if you'd like to see the full film

Watch the Trailer:

Style guide designed and compiled by myself and  Marko Pavicevic

Assisted Jessica Gallaher in creating 2D animated turnarounds of the main characters of out senior film. Did roughs, inbetweening, clean up, and compositing.

Harper -  Designed by Jessica Gallaher

Madhu - Designed by Lex Hobson and Jessica Gallaher

Richard - Designed by Marko Pavicevic and Jessica Gallaher

Final Frame


Flap Shot Design Progression